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underground LHD Maintenance

Author :Fucheng hydraulic equipment     Add Time : Dec 21th, 2010     PV :
During application of the diesel undergound LHD loader, prepare to do maintenance work ,o as to ensure the proper use of diesel LHD and prolong the service life, Bian found that many operators presence during the maintenance of diesel LHD big problem , maintenance operations to standardize diesel LHD, small as we introduce diesel LHD maintenance considerations:
1. near the machine before servicing , make diesel LHD bogie lock pin into the locked position.
2. in the inspection, maintenance and repair of the engine before opening or dismantling any part of the liquid reservoir there should be ready for collection shall prepare an appropriate volume of liquid .
3. for the entire vehicle ministries lubrication , lubrication should be checked whether the pipeline intact .
4. when the first engine valve clearance adjustment shall be subject to professional service personnel to adjust.
5. when replacing the engine oil , do not let the hot oil or components are not in contact with skin .
6. replacing the filter, must operate with a special tool to achieve the required amount of rotation of the installation , make sure the filter is not damaged .
7. add coolant when the engine is overheating damage to the engine , conditional upon the engine cooling , add coolant.
Through the above, I believe we diesel LHD maintenance considerations have a certain understanding , such as over you need diesel LHD welcome to call us, we will provide you with quality products and perfect after-sales service equipment !
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