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learn diesel scooptram

Author :Fucheng hydraulic equipment     Add Time : May 15th, 2010     PV :
With the continuous development of the construction industry, diesel scooptram (underground loader LHD) applications become more and more widespread, it has become almost indispensable equipment in the construction industry, but do we know the diesel scooptram ? and how much is that ?below information
The overall structure of the diesel scooptram asically consists of two parts, the front and rear bodywork body. Between the body, with a central vertical hinge pin . Mainly arranged on the front body work and front drive unit bridge, also called the work so the body before the body ; main body is arranged on the rear drivetrain, so the body is also called power ( traction ) the body to adapt to the operating conditions of the underground mine , the driver's seat is generally the side . direction , in order to run around the same visual field at the same time, to improve the air pollution in underground mine , using a low pollution engine ( mine equipped with gas -proof diesel engine ) and an outer exhaust gas purification device installed organic .
The overall structure of the diesel scooptram and its components related to a hydraulic mechanical transmission on the diesel scooptram, it's the engine , powertrain, steering hydraulic system work , work , brake system electrical instrumentation system , front and rear drive axle and cab with the operating system and other components of its power transmission process : in addition , the diesel engine came from the power , through which one best crusher gear torque converter pump wheel direct drive installed in the torque converter output cover working pump, steering pump , brake pump and variable speed pump ( charge pump ). these pumps supply work equipment, hydraulic steering, power shift, Raymond mill price and braking systems such as hydraulic oil with this point,  underground loader can be achieved walking, turning and scooping , unloading operations.
Described above is the overall structure and composition of the internal combustion scrapers, we understand it ? Our company is mainly engaged in electric scooptram, diesel scooptram, underground modern enterprise , and make unremitting efforts to product quality and development , the company at the forefront of the domestic industry , generally well received by the majority of users , we will be quality products , reasonable prices , excellent after sales service , and sincerely hope that your visit and cooperation.

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