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Safe operation of the electric scraper

Author :Fucheng hydraulic equipment     Add Time : Jan 10th, 2010     PV :
Electric scraper with high efficiency, safety and reliability, zero pollution, low noise, simple operation and maintenance of underground mines and much welcome . Due electric scraper job with a very high risk , and therefore , when used, must be Note the following electrical safety rules scraper , today Xiaobian to introduce electric scrapers safety rules :
1 , in advance to arrange your work carefully to avoid accidents and injuries that may occur in equipment investment to make ? Before use , the operator must be familiar with the function of the device.
2, only the operation and maintenance of electric scrapers specially trained personnel are allowed to perform the operation, maintenance ? , And adjustments. Use or maintenance of equipment before , be sure to read the operating and maintenance manuals.
3 , the staff should always be in accordance with the safety regulations and wear the necessary personal protective equipment, such as helmets, overalls, work boots, earmuffs , goggles and the like.
4 , when a failure occurs , immediately shut down and the electric scraper to take protective measures , troubleshooting as soon as possible .
5 , should always be equipped with a fire extinguisher nearby , and learn how to use . Accordance with the provisions of the local safety regulations , regular inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers .
6, if the device had to be welded , the main switch should be turned in before the start of welding , so that the wiring and the gate terminal scraper plate off . Should also take into account the welding danger of fire and explosion . Should be easy to spill welding slag dragging cables and other electrical equipment covered well. sure to ensure clean equipment and its surroundings , there is no danger of fire.
These are the safe operation of motor scrapers , hoping electric scraper operator to read carefully to ensure construction safety. If you are interested in ordering welcome to our company and negotiate business !
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