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Diesel LHD Safe Operation

Author :Fucheng hydraulic equipment     Add Time : Jan 10th, 2010     PV :
Without diesel scrapers and scraper operation, the difference between common knowledge in terms of performance is much better than general scrapers.To ensure construction safety, diesel scrapers under very strict safety rules, generally include the following , the following brief glimpse of Xiaobian:
1) The driver must undergo technical training, familiar with the structure of the machine principle and performance, known as the relevant regulations and rules and regulations, a general fault can be verified and ruled out, expert operation.
2) The person must be designed to perform a certain machine, prohibited non-professional drivers conduct the use of work scraper personnel.
3) Scrapers allowed sick work, all parts should be kept clean, no leakage.
4) Not equipped with scrapers carry explosives, detonators and other flammable and explosive materials.
5) Press the parking brake when parking; While parked in the ramp lane, use the chock and stuck tires.
6) Smoking is not allowed during refueling.
7) When inflated tire, people should stand in a safe place.
8) Tool and workplace must be kept clean.
These are small as we introduce knowledge, particularly in industrial and mining scraping tips, diesel is widely used, to ensure the safety of operating personnel and construction units should be familiar with the above if you need LHD diesel welcome to Call us We will provide you with professional product teams and perfect after-sales service.
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