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Scooptram Troubleshooting

Author :Fucheng hydraulic equipment     Add Time : March 1st, 2012     PV :

Scooptram (also named underground loader LHDs)  can be integrated to complete the operation including backhoe, earth , dump , filling, leveling etc., its Flexible operation bring you much benefit, but careful operation and check is also necessary:

1.Check the wear condition of shovel blade, and whether there is a crack.
2.Check the tyre’s pressure and keep it up to 0.68MPA, and the wear condition of the tyre.
3.Check the transmission oil pan, hydraulic oil tank oil level is within the prescribed scope, if insufficient oil should be oil filled in a timely manner.
4. Check each part of the tubing and connectors as well as the sealing of the parts, if any problem should be dealt with
5.Check whether the operating mechanism, steering and braking system operation is flexible, safe and reliable, and don't allow there is a hidden trouble, in the direction of variable speed control lever should be in a position (gap).
6. Check the bolt and nut, especially engine connected to the gearbox, drive shaft, drive axle and wheel rim and other parts of the bolt and nut loose or fracture phenomenon, should immediately tightened or replacement.
7. Check the engine fan firmness
8. Check the hydraulic hose, wire, etc., shall not stick on the drive shaft and reliable fixation.
9. To check whether there is open welding, the welding parts fracture phenomenon, especially should inspect articulated department, bridge shell bracket, the bucket arm beam welding parts.
10. To check whether there is damage, all lubricating points of the nozzle and filling lubricating oil in accordance with provisions.
11. Transmission oil level and the gap gear shift
12. Parking braker and release location.
13. Lighting system working conditions are in good condition
14. All control part is flexible and control instrument are in good condition

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