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Drilling jumbo FC30-1BCDL

Model: FC30-1BCDL
Overall size (L×W×H): 11200×1650×2800 mm
Section (W×H): 3.5×3.5~7.5×8 m
Drilling speed: 0.8~2 m/min
Drill pipe length: 5350 mm

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Detailed Specification

FC30-1BCDL Drilling jumbo is mainly used to drill blast holes for tunneling constructions in mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, highway engineering, etc. This series uses all hydraulic drive, with high efficiency and speed which can be 0.8-2.5 m/min. The advanced hydraulically controlled drilling system,which is safe and simple to operate, incorporates the auto stop and anti-jamming function, auto-stop at end-point, auto wash. This jumbo has a small body, runs with the wheels, can reach a speed of 8 km/h Working with electric motor can improve the working environment a lot, reduces noise, dust and energy consumption. The flexible hydraulic rock drill can work on the section, roof, side and floor. The jumbo can not only drill blast hole,according to the the basis of section, it also can drill bolt hole conveniently with our patent impeller.





Overall size (L×W×H)

11200×1650×2800 mm

Hole diameter

φ32~φ102 mm

Drill pipe length

5350 mm

Hole depth

5000 mm

Drilling speed

0.8~2 m/min

Section (b×h)

3.5×3.5~7.5×8 m

Electric motor total power

55+2.2+7.5 kW

Internal-combustion engine power

60 kW

Total weight

10 t


Min. turning radius

3000/5500 m

Running speed

≤8 km/h

Climbing capability



inner45°, outer45°

Up and down

up55°, down16°

Swing boom

inner35°, outer35°

Rotation angler

positive180°, negative180°


down105°, up15°

Swing angle

inner45°, outer45°


1500 mm

Thruster total length

6580 mm

Propulsion distance

5030 mm

Max. Propulsion

15000 N

Hydraulic rock drill

Model number

Doofor 550L

Impacting oil pressure

13~16 MPa

Impacting flow

95~120 L/min


975 N·m

Impacting power

15 Kw

Impacting frequency

55~80 Hz

Rotation speed

200-300 r/min

Hole diameter

φ32~φ102 mm


152 Kg

Hydraulic system

Impacting loop pressure

16 Mpa

Drill pipe rotation loop pressure

15 Mpa

Compensation loop pressure

10 Mpa

Boom loop pressure

17.5 Mpa

Propulsion loop pressure

≈10 Mpa

Leg extension loop pressure

18.5 Mpa

Running loop pressure

21 Mpa

Air system

Drop tank air pressure

0.03 Mpa

Blowing hole air pressure

0.7 Mpa

Rock drill air pressure

0.4 Mpa

Water system

Rock drill water pressure

0.8-1.5 Mpa

Colder water pressure

0.6 Mpa

Electric system

Installed power

55+7.5+2.2 Kw

Supply voltage

380/660 V

Rated current

102/58.7 A

Electric motor rotation speed

1470 r/min

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