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Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-0.6D

Model: FCYJ-0.6D
Bucket volume: 0.6 m3
Rated capacity: 1200 KG
Dimensions: 4690 * 1100 * 1760 mm

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Detailed Specification

Product Features:

1. FCYJ-0.6D Diesel Scooptram (load haul dump) Adopts Japan Yanmar brand diesel engine, with excellent features of big power.
2. The load haul dump's main pump and motor adopts Rexroth brand products, guarantee the quality of the hydraulic system.
3. Adopts the advanced way of three-point suspension articulated, which changes the old models' layout form of oscillating axle.

4. Suitable for mining and roadway drivage slag, the construction of the road and work place, material transportation and so on.

Product Parameters:

 Diesel Engine:        Yanmar                       
 Rated Power:   39.8kw
 Bucket Capacity:   0.6 m3
 Running Speed:   0-9km/h
 Hydraulic pump/motor:  Rexroth  A4VG
 Payload Capacity:  1200kg
 Gradeability:   20°
 Min. Turning Radius:  2750mm
 MAX. Turning Radius:  3850mm
 Dimensions:   4690 *1100*1760mm


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