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Underground Loader

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The role, characteristics, classification, basic structure, main parameter analysis and development status of underground loader [slag loader] Crawler Loader; introduce the power system, transmission system, walking system, braking system, steering system of underground loader, The composition, structure, working principle, design and elimination of common faults of working devices, hydraulic systems and electrical systems; introduces the automation of underground loaders, calculation of main technical parameters and performance testing. Crawler Loader is different from an open-air loader. It is a low car body specially designed for underground working surfaces, and a central hinged front-end loading, loading, unloading combined operation equipment. Underground Loader [Excavator Loader] Häggloader can be used to discharge ore and slag in the stope, and can also unload the ore into the lower chute, or unload the ore into the higher transport vehicle or mining cart, and can also be repaired with a bucket Road, pave roads, clean up the site. It can also be used in railway and highway tunnel projects and has a wide range of uses. Underground loaders are also called underground scrapers, commonly known as Crawler Loader. Compared with the original diesel power mode and other underground loading equipment, it has many advantages: 1. Large production capacity and high efficiency. According to many information, the productivity of the 80-cubic underground loader Häggloader is 1-2 times higher than that of the electric rake or diesel scraper under the same conditions, and the mining cost is also very low. In terms of mine construction, the use of trackless equipment to mine underground mines can speed up the development of mines. Backhoe loaders are an important way to speed up mine construction. 2. It is flexible and has a wide range of activities. The electric-powered crawler underground loader [slag loader] Häggloader gets rid of the constraints of rails and diesel emissions, and improves the power and mobility of the machine as well as environmental protection. Because the underground vertical claw loader adopts the intermediate conveying trough, it does not need to turn and reverse, and the turning radius is small. It is suitable for the operating conditions of the narrow mine tunnel and site. And because of the crawler hydraulic operation, it can climb very steep slopes [up to 34 degrees slope], so it is very suitable for underground operating conditions. 3. Greatly improved the working conditions of the drivers in the 90s. The cabs are designed according to the principles of human engineering. Make the driver's operation more comfortable and safer. In particular, a large number of electronic technology and computer technology are widely used in underground loaders, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, which greatly reduces the fatigue of the driver, improves the working environment, and thus greatly increases the productivity. It replaces the disadvantages of the old and other powered underground loaders: tire wear is more serious, exhaust gas purification hurts people, diesel operating costs and maintenance costs are extremely high. The powerful hydraulic system can provide excellent digging force and lifting force. The high-capacity variable pump helps shorten the operation cycle; the pilot joystick makes the operation more labor-saving and the control is more stable. Lower cost per ton; higher operating safety and operating efficiency; higher equipment utilization and output; in line with the latest environmental protection standards; conducive to the sustainable development of mining operations; achieving higher equipment operating safety and Operator comfort; provide equipment management and best practice guidance; ensure the compatibility of various trucks and other transportation tools and loading equipment; provide assembly life extension overhaul; have the world’s leading agent service capabilities; introduce ultra-quiet and Low emission electric motor. In some of the most remote and harshest mines, Yanding mining equipment Crawler Loader is playing a role. In high latitudes, extreme temperature environments and rugged terrain, Yanding's equipment still achieves high performance, long life and low operating costs. Under severe working conditions, to maintain high production and high profitability, an excellent maintenance team is indispensable.
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