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Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-1D

Model: FCYJ-1D
Bucket volume: 1 m3
Rated capacity: 2 ton
Dimensions: 6250 *1300*1950mm

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Detailed Specification

Product Description:
1. Equipped with Germany DEUTZ D914 diesel Engine, with low emissions, low pollution, and excellent feature of big power.
2. Excellent performance with American SAUER PV pump and MV motor.
3. Ergonomics designed compartment improve the control of bucket lifting and tilting, guarantee safety and minimal fatigue for operator.
4. Hydraulic double pipe working system, equipped with multi-disk wet brake, self-developed anti-skid differential mechanism of NO-SPIN.
5. Advanced way of three-point suspension articulated, improving layout form of oscillating axle.

6. Optional parts with ejector bucket and side dump buck.


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